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to new apartment and I still try to get used to new situation, so does Danno.

every single day of my not so easy life, despite all the pain, fear and worry, still trying to find some positivity.

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LANIE!!!! I just came home from my trip yesterday (and slept like half of the day today, because of the jetlag) and the first thing I see on here when I go online is that Lanie GOT A NEW JOB and akjfwfbsrgs&oejgjdf CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have my fingers crossed for you, I hope you'll really like your new job! :) x


Aww, Lucy, you’re such a freaking Sweetheart! :))) Thank you sooooo much and awwww, let’s hope together, that I’m going to really like my new job! :) Oh and btw, I also moved into new place with Danno, so seems like it’s time for big and good changes for me! :) Isn’t that lovely? :) x Oh and I hope so you had lovely time during your trip! :) x

I GOT A JOB!!!!! *yay*

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baaaaaaaabyyyy :)) I'm so glad to hear you finally got the job you needed for such a long time! I'm just so glad everything works out for you atm, I just hope you and danno feel comfortable with the whole new situation soon! but I'm sure you both will! :) xx


Aw, bbyyyyyy! Today was the very first time, when I felt home here! I’s making pickles for winter, using peers, bc I hella love them and I’m thinking about making some cherries juice, and maybe some raspberries with sugar, not to mention some cucumbers - seems like I’m getting a foothold I guess, slowly but surely, even I had not so nice meeting with that damn cat on the stairway this morning, what completely pissed me off, same as Danno, but then sun came over the sky, I spent lots of time outside, met ppl I like and love to hang out with, especially that our dogs are buddies, Danno even had a chance to meet Senta today again after such a long time, so even day started kind of fucked up, it only got better till the point I GOT A JOB! haha! And see, maybe there’s some justice out there and there’s really always darkest before the dawn xD Thank you for all your support, good wishes and words during past few months, I really mean it, Love! <3

I GOT A JOB!!!!! *yay*

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Yay Lanie congratulations!!! I hope the new job goes well for you!


Aw, Jen, bby, I’ve missed you! :) I know you’re busy with studying but still, so nice to see you around and being able to celebrate with you, Dear! :) I guess we hope for the same, so let’s hope for the best! :) Good luck with your exams btw! <3

I GOT A JOB!!!!! *yay*

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erienne1983 replied to your post “omg you got a job !!!!! *happy dance* I told you that it’s a start of something good in your life ! I’m soooo happy for you !!!”


Thanks, Mary!!!

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guiltied replied to your post “Scratch what I wrote to Hannah a moment ago… GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …”



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smellofsunset replied to your post “Scratch what I wrote to Hannah a moment ago… GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …”

!!!! OMG lanie so happy for you :D

Awww, Trish, thank you soooo much, bby! :3


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