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every single day of my not so easy life, despite all the pain, fear and worry, still trying to find some positivity.

'Judgement in Death' & 'Death's acre'.

mostly all over 'Suits', 'BATB', 'Grey's Anatomy' & Hawaii Five-0, but also catching up with The Summer TV season of my other favorite tv series.

to my favorite radio station.

I care about you, okay?

So please, remember, that you're not as alone as you think you're! I'm here for you every time you need someone to lean on, okay? x

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justienne replied to your post “That’s official, I’m moving out! I found my safe haven! *woop* *woop*”

Omg i’m sooooo happy! I’m celebrating with you, babe! You see, gods listened to all the prayers from people who were wishing the best for you :D I hope that’s just a beginning of the “new better life” <3

Oh, I hope for the same then, Love! Bc I’m so tired of constant struggling and never ending problems, I really need my life to get back on the right track, before I’m going to lose my mind :( Thank you! <3

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guiltied replied to your post “That’s official, I’m moving out! I found my safe haven! *woop* *woop*”

aaaaaaaah yey im jumping with joy for you im so happy you got your new place and you like it so much! and your bank account stuff worked out! i hope the rest of your dreams come true now as well you deserve it lanie love! eep this is great news :)

Aw yeah, it’s a great news, indeed! :) Even it doesn’t solve all of my problems, after all I’m going to have place to live! *yay* Aw I’m sooo happy for that, bc it’s one of the reasons I was sick of worry in last couple of weeks *sigh* Hopefully, just as you said, some other dreams, wishes of mine, will come true as well *crossed fingers* Thank you, Love, for sharing my happiness! <3

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