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Hello, I'm Lanie! So nice to see you around, Love! x

My name's Agnes and my birthday's on 4th December, Lanie! <3


Hello Agnes! :) Thank you so much for joining my Birthday List! :) I’ve just added you to the page here. Take care! :) x


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In a week my families moving to a new city and we could only get a unit so we had to get rid of our dog whom we'd had for 5 years. She was apart of our family and so loved. We had to take her to a dog refuge where they'd re home her. But since we'e had to give her up I feel so empty, I don't feel that sense of home anymore I cant think about her without crying how do I get over this sense of emptiness? Does she feel like she did something wrong or we don't love her?


Oh Love… I wish I could lie to you and tell you, that she’s fine and feels good about the whole situation… But we both know, that’s not the true…

I’m pretty sure your doggie misses all of you with every single pore of hers… She’s upset, she’s wondering, as much as dog can, what she did wrong, that you let her go… What happened with all of you… Why she’s in that new place, with all strangers, while neither of you’re there to take her home… She’s dog and she loves you, endlessly, so she’s not able to understand, what exactly did happen to her…

I don’t tell this to you, to make you feel bad, I do that, because it’s better to face reality, than to lie ourselves… And truth is as much blessing, as curse usually, but mostly a pain, into that case… She suffers, probably quiet the same way, as you do, Love… And I do believe whole your family either… I just hope, that since you can’t afford to have her in that new home of yours… She’s going to find a perfect place, where people will love her, as much, as you and your family still does…

I can’t promise you, that upcoming weeks are going to be easy… You love her, you miss her, you’re at new place and you have to deal not only with the change, but also a loss of someone, who’s your family… But I do believe, that with time passing by? Things will get better… And you will feel better along with them… I don’t know, if that’s possible to keep in touch with the place you left your doggie and if they can inform you, who took your girlie… But even if they can’t tell you the place, I wish that they’d be able to inform your family, that at least she got a new home and she’s happy there…

Because sometimes love? Means also ability to let go. To give person/someone we love a chance to start all over… In a new place, with new people… If that’s what’s better for him/her… If that’s what this person/someone truly needs… It’s not easy, it hurts like hell, it keeps us wondering, if there’s nothing else we could do… But sometimes all we can do? Is to let someone we love, to live on his/her own…

I’m really sorry, Dear, that this happened to you, but I do believe, that one day, you’re going to breathe easier… Still remembering about your furry friend, still loving her… But also being able to move on, because she’d want that for you, if she only could. Please, take care, okay? xoxo

Love, if you need advice? Help? Someone to hear you out? Then please, feel free to message me here, okay? If you’re interested why I offer you my help? Here you can find more about my ‘Anchor Project’.

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