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every single day of my not so easy life, despite all the changes and worry what's constantly with me thanks to that, I'm still trying to find some positivity.

'Death's acre'.


Radio Eska.

I care about you, okay?

So please, remember, that you're not as alone as you think you're! I'm here for you every time you need someone to lean on, okay? x

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justienne replied to your post: justienne replied to your post: WE WON…

Hahaha, okay, okay, sorry, i exaggerated a little bit but you knooooow what i mean! :D Of course we do rock sometimes but this is just like omg! Everyone knows volleyball and Poland is significant in this!

Yeah we fucking rock that sport and amen to that, bby, haha! :) x

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justienne replied to your post: WE WON!!!!!!

Haha i just gave vent to my excitement on tumblr too :D I’m soooo proud! Because wow, we are good at some popular sport, that’s just amazing!

Haha yeah, we’re and volleyball isn’t the only one thing we’re good at, bby! :) Don’t be so bitchy haha! :) You know, the only one thing what makes me feel nostalgic atm is that Seba (Świderski) couldn’t be part of it *sigh* Anyway fuck yeah we won! And we’re the champion! :) x

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WE WON!!!!!!

"We read to know we’re not alone."

— William Nicholson (via kushandwizdom)

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"The meaning of life isn’t anywhere outside of you. It’s what you create inside yourself."

— Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

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Hey hon, how you doing? Enjoy your training? What did it feel like to hold and shoot a gun then? X


Hello Hannah! x I’m doing okay, I guess, I mean I think so :) Tomorrow I go to work for the first time, but still hoping this week’s going to be more about training here, locally, than working for real, bc there’s still lots to learn for me, before I think I should sit on my own and talk with clients… But I’ll see, what this week’s going to bring to me, that’s for sure ^^ Oh and about my shooting training today, Gosh, Girl, what can I say? It’s freaking amazing to have a chance to hold a gun again in my life :) x Everytime I have a chance to hold a gun? It gives me that specific feeling in the pit of my stomach - something like mash up of excitiment and anxiety plus some kind of high ^^ I guess it’s fair to say that even I’m person of peace and I truly hate any kind of violence? I still am fascinated by guns. I know, sounds pretty odd haha How’re you? xx

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"Do you know how to create a disturbed personality? Constant criticism and lack of affection. Works like a charm, that does."

— Dr. Cal Lightman, Lie To Me

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